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Smoking2Background and Policy Context

The Tobacco Control Action Plan for Wales 

The plan identifies a number of actions to help reduce smoking in Wales.

One of the key themes identified in Our Healthy Future is the need to further reduce the number of people who smoke and are exposed to second-hand smoke in Wales.
Smoking is the greatest preventable cause of illness, disability and premature death in Wales. (Source: Health Challenge Wales)
Smoke-free legislation covering public places, workplaces and vehicles was introduced in Wales on 2nd April 2007:

What is NHS Wales doing about smoking?


StopSmokingWalesStop Smoking Wales

Stop Smoking Wales is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and is an integral part Public Health Wales NHS Trust where it forms a central element of the organisation’s Tobacco Control programme.

Stop Smoking Wales is a specialist health service that provides clinics for adult smokers who want help to give up. The service also plays a leading role in various national and local tobacco control initiatives. As such, the service plays a critical role in reducing the impact of tobacco on the health of people in Wales, and fulfils the requirements set by Designed for Life which states that every smoker who wants to quit smoking should have access to an NHS smoking cessation service within one month of referral.

Stop Smoking Wales offers clients a 6-8 week treatment programme based on the withdrawal oriented treatment model.

Service planning

A Health Needs Assessment document has been created by the National Public Health Service's Health information Analysis Team to assist local health partnerships with the 2006 round of health needs assessment in preparation for their Health, Social Care and Well-being (HSCWB) Strategies. This chapter covers indicators relating to children and adults who smoke tobacco.

Health, Social Care and Well-being (HSCWB) Strategies cover a range of activities; from preventative action to improve health and reduce the risk of ill health, through to care services provided by the National Health Service, local authorities and the voluntary and private sector agencies. The strategies are all based on local needs assessments carried out by the NPHS. The HSCWB strategies aim to provide local partnership solutions to the local priorities identified but in a national policy context. 

Service Delivery

National Campaigns

Fresh Start Wales aims to protect children from second hand smoke in cars. It calls on parents and other carers to pledge to keep their cars smoke free. 
The first phase of advertising will feature on local radio, billboards, bus-backs and bus shelters as well as a dedicated website. 

Local Initiatives 

For more information on other local implementation and initiatives go to Local NHS Services

Reports, Publications and Resources

Map of Medicine Healthguides show you the ideal, evidence-based patient journey for common and important conditions. It is a high-level overview aimed at patients. The Map also provides a framework for creating localised pathways using modified or new content specific to a local healthcare community. The NHS Wales view delivers current evidence based clinical knowledge for professionals and requires Athens log-in. 

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health.

NHS Evidence provides free access to clinical and non-clinical information - local, regional, national and international. Information includes evidence, guidance and Government policy. It is primarily aimed at professionals and practitioners working in health and social care.