Stroke Prevention

Stroke Prevention

Policy Context

The 2006 National Service Framework for Older People in Wales contains a standard that requires action to prevent stroke by reducing risk factors across the whole population, as well as those at relatively greater risk of stroke.
The Cardiac Disease National Service Framework for Wales provides a basis for planning and developing services for the prevention and treatment of cardiac disease.
The Stroke Risk Reduction Action Plan contains actions that build on the work already being delivered in order to create added value and minimise additional services costs. It focuses on primary prevention but takes into account that risk reduction applies to the entire stroke care pathway. As well as taking a population level approach, the plan makes links to specific individual level interventions such as National Exercise Referral and pharmaceutical public health.

The action plan aligns with the Welsh Assembly Government’s public health framework – Our Healthy Future – under the following priorities:

  • Reducing inequities in health
  • Improving health in the workplace
  • Reducing the level of smoking
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Reducing unhealthy eating


Evaluation measures for work in stroke prevention includes Improved lifestyles i.e. improved diet, weight and physical activity; reduced salt, alcohol intake and smoking rates. The following links provide more information: