Stroke Data Sources

Stroke (Cerebrovascular diseases - ICD10 codes I60-I69))


Health Maps Wales is a web-based interactive map produced by the NHS Wales Informatics Service. Health Maps Wales includes both mortality and hospital admissions data for stroke (age standardised rates) for various geographies in Wales.
On the home page, click on Analysis; this takes you to a menu of options including cardiovascular mortality and cardiovascular admissions (stroke is a subcategory). Note that you’ll need to be patient as the reports can take a few minutes to load.”

Admission to hospital

The Patient Episode Database for Wales (PEDW) contains all inpatient and day case activity undertaken in NHS Wales plus data on Welsh residents treated in English Trusts.

Primary Care Data

Quality and Outcomes Framework Achievement Data (QOF), measures how practices are delivering on the GP contract. It also makes it easier to monitor long-term conditions such as stroke.

Stroke Prevalence

Welsh Government publishes the Wales Health Survey annually and which is a useful source of data on the prevalence of stroke in Wales.

ONS Data

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) website contains articles on stroke incidence, risk factors, trends in mortality and hospital admissions along with data on the prevalence of stroke by age and gender.

The NHS Information Centre manages the Clinical and Health Outcomes Knowledge Base. it is a one-stop source of all information on health outcomes generated by the National Centre for Health Outcomes Development..The Compedium of Clinical and Health Indicators is an annual set of some 300 indicator topics including stroke data at national (England) and sub-national levels. You will need to open "Compendium Indicators" , click on "Indicator Spreadsheets" and scroll down to "Stroke"

Transient Ischaemic Attack (ICD10 code G45)

The NHS Wales Informatics Service Patient Episode Database Wales (PEDW) contains data for Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIAs). To view the figures you will need to open the Excel documents for the 3 and 4 character tables and scroll down to the G45 code.

Additional Sources Of Data

The Health in Wales page below provides links to a number of useful sources of data.

The Public Health Wales Observatory aims to provide useful public health information to improve health and health services in Wales, and reduce health inequities. A key aspect of our work is assisting users to help themselves by providing signposting to key resources for data.