Sources of Data

Statistics2Data on health and healthcare in Wales is produced by many different bodies.

Here you will find links to some of the sources of information on health and health care in Wales

More specific links are provided from particular


Welsh Government

The Statistics Directorate produce health and social care data including about the health of the public including births, deaths and conceptions; workload (or activity) of hospitals; primary and community health; mental health services; the performance of the NHS and the NHS Workforce and NHS Finance. Information can also be accessed through the Government’s health and care statistical publications by month of publication and a wide range of data can be accessed by the StatsWales service (information on using StatsWales).
As well as data collected from health services and sources such as birth and death registrations, the Assembly produces information from specific surveys. The Welsh Health Survey is a major source of information about the health of people in Wales, the way they use health services, and the things that can affect people's health. Other surveys include the UK adult dental survey …


National Health Service Wales Links 

NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) 

The Information Products Unit works to collect manage and analyse data held in a number of national databases, and to produce and distribute information derived from these databases. The Patient Episode Database for Wales (PEDW) contains all inpatient and day case activity undertaken in NHS Wales plus data on Welsh residents treated in English trusts. PEDW data on-line are annually produced downloadable tables containing headline figures relating to hospital admissions and Excel tables containing separate analyses such as diagnosis and procedural information, Healthcare Resource Groups (HRG), provider of care and regular attendance information. Health Maps Wales is an interactive mapping tool which can be use to explore a wide variety of health indicators grouped under broad categories of health such as cancer, common procedures and causes of injury. Data on hospital admissions, births, deaths and child health can currently be compared visually across different areas of Wales. The Substance Misuse reporting tool provides quarterly referrals and activity from Substance Misuse national database and is available via authorised access only.
Further data analysis tools such as specialist applications used by the NHS and Welsh Assembly Government relating to data quality and performance management; along with further resources on other NHS datasets are available to NHS staff via the All Wales intranet service. 

Public Health Wales

The Public Health Observatory Analytical Team analyse information for public health purposes, including the production of profiles and health needs assessments.  An interactive mapping tool gives access to themes such as demography, life style factors, and deaths.
The Health Protection service of Public Health Wales collects and collates a variety of information on infections. This includes data on vaccine uptake and vaccine preventable disease, sexual health and blood borne viruses and influenza. Interactive trend data is available based on laboratory confirmed cases and notifications of infectious disease.
The Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Programme publishes reports by Trust and by infection type.

Public Health Wales Observatory

The Public Health Wales Observatory Team have published reports and profiles on topics including alcohol, smoking and rural health together with Pictures of Health for different areas of Wales.

Services with a remit for specific condition types

The Welsh Cancer Surveillance and Intelligence Unit collects, analyses and disseminates information about cancer incidence, mortality and survival within the resident population of Wales. This information is used to make judgements about the demand for screening and treatment, the effectiveness of these services, epidemiological research into the causes of cancer, research into cancer prevention, clinical research and for the education of the public.


The Congenital Anomaly Register and Information Service aims to collect reliable data about congenital anomalies that can then be used to help build up and monitor the picture of congenital anomalies in Wales; assess interventions intended to help prevent or detect congenital anomalies; plan and co-ordinate provision of health services for affected babies and children and assess possible clusters of birth defects and their causes.


The All Wales Perinatal Survey is a continuous surveillance of perinatal and infant mortality in Wales.  


Other services

Information on NHS Prescribing in Wales is available from Prescribing Services.

Much of the NHS information needs are supported through the work of the Business Services Centre.

 UK wide statistics

The Office of National Statistics produces information including data on health and health care, population and migration, and social and welfare data. Using the 2001 census it produced a focus on health report. It also publishes Health Statistics Quarterly covering the latest trends in the UK’s health.

ONS and UK Statistics Authority 


Statistics of other UK Nations


International Statistics