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Stubbing out smoking, tackling litter

Tuesday, 3 April 2012
Cardiff Council’s efforts to tackle cigarette litter around hospitals have been welcomed by NHS staff. 

Interim Deputy Chief Executive Tracy Myhill said: “The UHB is working hard to make our hospital grounds smoke free and more pleasant environments for our patients, staff and visitors, but we’re also trying to be a good neighbour, and tackle any problems with littering just off site. 

“Whilst people are heeding the ban and not smoking on our hospital sites, we are working with the Council to address any problems where there has been littering nearby.” 

Cardiff Council Litter Enforcement Officers have included the grounds outside hospital sites in their regular patrols, talking to smokers and handing out mini wallets that can be used as ashtrays, called stubbies.  They are able to issue fixed penalty notices to people who drop litter.  
Cardiff Council City Services Chief Officer, Tara King said: “Cardiff Council takes the littering of any public space very seriously and we are only too pleased to work in partnership with the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board in keeping the public areas adjacent to the hospital sites clean and to enforce environmental cleanliness standards.  There is no excuse to drop litter anywhere as there are plenty of bins and smoking receptacles provided.  It is deeply anti-social behaviour and if people do just throw their cigarette butts and litter on the floor, they have to realise they could receive a fixed penalty notice for £75.  It’s simple, these spaces whether on or off the hospital sites belong to all of us, help us keep them clean.”

Tracy continued: “It’s great to have support from the Council, but we need everybody to think about the people around them, whether they are breathing in second hand smoke or dodging litter.  Smoking creates a risk to your health and an environmental nuisance.  Don’t drop litter or cigarette butts, and think about the people around you when you come into hospital.”