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No Smoking Day success for Emma

Tuesday, 27 March 2012
Emma Mason, from Haverfordwest, was one of the many smokers who took the leap for No Smoking Day and she hasn’t looked back since.
An estimated one million UK smokers were expected to ‘Take the Leap’ and give up smoking for this year’s No Smoking Day.
Emma Mason, from Haverfordwest, was one of the many smokers who took the leap for No Smoking Day and she hasn’t looked back since. Emma, who smoked 15 cigarettes a day and gave up in the New Year, is thrilled to have given up as it has dramatically improved her health, and her bank balance.
“Since quitting the cigarettes, I’ve lost weight as I’m more active and eat healthier, my skin and hair look and feel better and my clothes don’t smell smoky anymore.
“As a result of giving up smoking I’ve saved enough money to buy an iPad!”
The mum-of-two lists drinking more water and eating sugar-free mints as her top tips for giving up as well as spending more time outside.
“Always having a bottle of water to hand has helped to alleviate the pangs and now when I get stressed instead of going into the garden to smoke, I go outside to play with the dog and get plenty of fresh air.
“I urge anyone giving up to stick with it. It does get easier. Even if you have a relapse, just try again.
“Getting help with quitting really works. I found the advice and guidance from Stop Smoking Wales to be invaluable.”
Top tips for giving up include:
·    Ask your doctor or pharmacist if any of the proven treatments e.g. patches, gum, sprays could suit you
·    Ring the helpline on 0800 085 2219 for details of local support
·    Get your friends and family to help
·    Keep a diary for a few days before you stop, noting when and where you smoke and how you feel each time
·    Use the diary to spot the smoky situations in your day and plan how you might avoid each one
·    Plan some treats with the money you’ll save – one for the end of your first smoke-free day, week and month
·    Stock up on any of the products you are going to use, start the treatment at the right time and make sure you follow the instructions
If you are a smoker and you want to give up, help and support is available from any of these FREE local stop smoking services:
·    Stop Smoking Wales: call 0800 085 2219 or visit www.stopsmokingwales.com
·    Glangwili Hospital: 01267 227185
·    Prince Philip Hospital: 01554 783558
·    Your local pharmacy
People are four times more likely to succeed in giving up if they get help from their local smoking cessation service.
To find out what Hywel Dda Health Board is doing to help 5,000 people to stop smoking or prevent from starting visit: