Tobacco and health in Wales 2012

Published by the Public Health Wales Observatory and Welsh Government, Tobacco and health in Wales is a comprehensive summary of statistics on tobacco use and its impact on health and health services in Wales. It updates Smoking in Wales: current facts which was published in 2007 by the Welsh Government and Wales Centre for Health. 

The report covers the following topics:

• Prevalence of smoking in adults, young people and pregnant women, including trends over time 
• Exposure to second-hand smoke
• Prevention and cessation*
• Deaths and hospital admissions attributable to smoking
• Contribution of smoking to overall inequalities in mortality rates
• Affordability
• Examples of successful tobacco control policies

A suite of products are available:

Tobacco and health in Wales report** (.pdf, 2.2MB)
• Supporting technical guide detailing methods and caveats (.pdf, 1.2MB)
• Interactive data files  covering Wales, health boards and local authorities
Summary of data in Powerpoint format (.ppt, 3.2MB)
Initial findings from Tobacco and health in Wales to mark No Smoking Day 2012 (.pdf, 0.5MB)

The Tobacco and health in Wales report and the initial findings publication are also available to download in a high resolution format:

Tobacco and health in Wales report** - high resolution (.pdf, 7.1MB)
Initial findings publication - high resolution (.pdf, 1.75MB)
For details of authors and all those who have helped with this work please see the acknowledgements.
For further information or to request printed copies of Tobacco and health in Wales or the initial findings publication, please email us on:  

* Data on enhanced smoking cessation services provided by community pharmacies should be treated with caution. In contrast to what is recorded on the relatively new All Wales Pharmacy Database, all 30 pharmacies in Cwm Taf who provided enhanced services in 2011 provided both levels 2 and 3 (page 29, table 2). Similar discrepancies may occur in other areas.

** The report was updated on 9th July 2012 to correct an error in figure 17 (page 19), where the ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ labels had been placed on the wrong lines within the chart.

A topic-based page on smoking is also available. 

General information on tobacco control is available from the main Public Health Wales website.

Last updated: 12 March 2014