Measuring inequalities 2011

Trends in mortality and life expectancy in Wales

This publication examines the gap between outcome measures in the most deprived and the least deprived in Wales, within each local authority and health board area and over time.  Most of the measures presented, including healthy life expectancy  and disability-free life expectancy, have been produced for the first time at the local level and by deprivation fifths. It presents vital new evidence to improve understanding of inequalities at the local level. 
The publication consists of:
  • The main Wales profile (.pdf, 1.9MB) which investigates inequalities at the Wales level in more detail including summaries of some local patterns
  • Twenty-two individual local authority profiles (see below) which contain the main charts and information to examine inequalities locally
  • The technical guide (.pdf, 0.7MB) which provides further guidance on the interpretation of the measures, their limitations, the method and data sources used
  • The main data files used in the profiles and additional data at health board level
  • A summary of the data from the profiles for every health board and Wales is available in Powerpoint format (see below)

Local authority profiles (in .pdf format)


Summary of data (in Powerpoint format)

For details of authors and all those who have helped with this work please see the acknowledgements.
A topic based page on inequalities and inequities is also available.
General information on deprivation is available from the main Public Health Wales website.
For further information or to request printed copies of the Wales profile please email us on:

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