Public Health Wales website statistics for February 2012 published

Thursday, 29 March 2012
Data collected by Google Analytics on how visitors interacted with the Public Health Wales website during the second month of 2012 are now available.
From 1-29 February 2012 the English language version of the website recorded 9,602 visits from 5,192 different visitors resulting in 32,196 webpages being viewed. On average, visitors viewed three pages per visit and spent nearly three minutes on the website. Eighty-eight per cent of visitors were from the UK with 51 per cent (of the total) from Wales.
The number of visits during February 2012 is 18 per cent higher than the number during February 2011 (although there was an extra day during February 2012) (see figure 1).
Figure 1: Weekly visits to the Public Health Wales website: 01/02/2012-29/02/2012 [blue] and 01/02/2011-28/02/2011 [green]

For the Welsh language version of the website, 328 visits were recorded from 185 different visitors resulting in 870 webpages being viewed. Visitors spent on average over two minutes on the site and viewed about three pages per visit.
The top fifteen most visited pages are given in the table below:
Page title (English site)
Page title (Welsh site)
Hafan (Home)
Problemau Iechyd Meddwl (Mental health Problems)
Newyddion (News Index)
Tîm Cynghori Gofal Meddygol Sylfaenol (PMCAT) (Primary Medical Care Advisory Team (PMCAT)
Gordewdra (Obesity)
Map y safle (Site Map)
Pynciau Iechyd (Health Topics)
Y Rhaglen Atal a Hybu (Prevention and Promotion Programme)
Gwasanaethau a Thimau (Services and Teams)
Cyhoeddi ystadegau gwefan Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru ar gyfer Ionawr 2012 (Public Health Wales website statistics for January 2012 published)
Amddiffyn Plant (Safeguarding Children Service)
Bwyta, gweithgaredd corfforol a gordewdra (Eating, Physical Activity and Obesity) 
Digwyddiadau (Events)
Achosion o’r frech goch yng Ngwynedd Cymru (Outbreak of measles in Gwynedd)
Many of the top content pages are navigational pages as would be expected. However, two questionnaires inviting stakeholders to respond also feature strongly.
The landing page is the page through which a visitor enters the website. The top ten pages through which visitors entered the English language version of the Public Health Wales website is given in the table below:
For the Welsh language version of the website, the homepage was the most recorded landing page at 38 per cent followed by the page ‘Mental Health Problems’ at 14 per cent. The remaining 52 per cent of visitors accessed the website via 89 different pages although none of these pages individually accounted for a significant proportion of entries.
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