Hospital Patient Environment (HPE)

The Hospital Patient Environment (HPE) Programme

The HPE Programme provides an approach to gaining the patient and public perspective of the patient environment in hospitals and ensures that the patients' views on the quality of services are both heard and heeded by the NHS.  The emphasis is to identify and improve those things that are within management control rather than identifying capital requirements.

HPE assessments will complement technical standards such as the Nutrition/Catering Framework and the published work on Clean Hospitals and also support other NHS initiatives including:

  • Fundamentals of Care
  • Health and Social Care
  • Service and Financial Framework
  • Performance Improvement Framework
  • Signposts 1 and 2 - a practical guide to public and patient engagement in Wales
  • Designed for Life - creating world class health and social care in Wales in 21st century
  • Concordat between bodies inspecting, regulating and auditing health and social care in Wales
HPE assessments also contribute to the process of continuous improvement and will require regular review.



Last updated: 20 January 2014