NHS Complaints : How we can help

Advocacy is defined as "giving active support". This is the role of our Complaints Advocacy Service who are here to support you if you are not satisfied with any aspect of NHS care that you have received and wish to make a complaint.

What Does The Advocacy Service Do?
  • We provide a free and independent client-led advocacy service to those who wish to complain about care or treatment received from the NHS.  
  • We work with all NHS organisations to encourage learning from complaints.
 Role of the Complaints Advocates
  • Guide and support you through the complaints process
  • Explain the options available to you
  • Assist you with correspondence
  • Support you at meetings
  • Help to voice your concerns
  • Act only with your consent
  • Explain how to access your health records
How to complain
If a patient or their relative has concerns regarding any element of the care received whilst an NHS patient, the best time to raise these are at the time that they actually happen. NHS Organisations regularly deal with verbal complaints and often answers can be given immediately. However, if you wish to complain in writing , you need to address you concerns to the Chief Executive of the relevant Health Board. If you want to express concerns or make a complaint about your treatment or the service you received from your GP Practice, dentist, optician you will usually need to put this in writing to the Practice Manager.


Donna Coleman / Pauline Marr (Patient/Complaints Advocates)
Peter Mair (Advocate Support Officer)


Last updated: 27 January 2014