Hywel Dda CHC is made up of 36 volunteer members. One half of the appointments are made by the Welsh Government as public appointees, one quarter from Local Authorities and the remaining quarter from established voluntary organisations. The CHC is also able to appoint co-opted ‘non- voting’. All members are unpaid and receive only out-of-pocket expenses. Each county has a CHC Local Committee comprising 12 members.

Hywel Dda CHC Executive Committee
The Executive Committee has a Chair and Vice Chair, with the membership consisting of the Chair and Vice Chair of each Local Committee and the Chief Officer. 
Members of the Executive Committee
 Paul Hinge (Chair)
to be appointed (Vice Chair)
John Phillips
Barbara Hartley
Gabrielle Heathcote
David Thomson
Ray Hine
Glenys Bowen
John Phillips (Chair)
Barbara Hartley (Vice Chair)
Cllr Louvain Roberts
Cllr Emlyn Dole
Patricia Neil
Dr Caroline Laxton
Robert Taylor
Rosemond Nelson
Tina Higgins

3  Voluntary Sector vacancies
Barry Williams
Melanie Hayes
Nathaniel Williams
Dawn Hatton
Gabrielle Heathcote (Chair)
David Thomson (Vice Chair)
Alvin Jones
Glennis Gratwick
Colin Sanders
Arthur Richards
Cllr Gareth Lloyd
Cllr Paul Hinge
Cllr Catrin Miles

3 Voluntary Sector vacancies   

Jean Harrison
Shirley Oliver
Eric Robinson
Ray Hine (Chair)
Glenys Bowen (Vice Chair)
Chris Jones
Dennis Evans
Pamela Parsons
Mollie Roach
Dr Barbara Wilson
Cllr Wynne Evans
Cllr Daphne Bush
Cllr Steve Yelland
Tony Wales 

1 Voluntary Sector vacancy

Dr Elisabeth David
Islwyn Howells
Sydney Jones


Last updated: 07 April 2014