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Who are we? 
CHC's were set up originally by Act of Parliament in 1974 as independent "Watchdogs" to monitor and review services provided by the NHS.
The Cwm Taf members are recruited from the general public and appointments are made by the Welsh Assembly Government, the Local Authorities and also from established voluntary organisations.  The members are un-paid and receive out-of-pocket expenses only and are supported by paid support staff.
What we do? 
Please note we do not give clinical health-care advice or treatment.  If you have a health problem requiring immediate advice or treatment please phone your GP., NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or, if truly urgent and serious, the Ambulance service on 999.
  • Our members undertake regular monitoring visits to hospitals, clinics and other health service premises and report to managers with their recommendations for improvements.
  • We make sure that service planners and managers are aware of the views of the people who use their services.
  • We are consulted on all plans for major changes in local health services such as hospital closures and we can influence the decisions taken by the health authorities.
  • We are represented at Board meetings of Health Boards.
How we can help you? 
We can:
  • Advise you on available health services
  • Help you to find further information
  • Help you to deal with other health bodies
  • Listen to your comments
If you feel that you need to complain about any aspect of the Health Service, we can help you by:
  • Providing information about NHS Complaints Procedures
  • Making enquiries on your behalf
  • Acting as a Patient's Friend at meetings with Health Service Managers
You can help us by 
Letting us know what sort of service the NHS is providing in our area - we need to know the views of local people.  Just as importantly, you may be very pleased with a service and want to be sure that it will continue.

Last updated: 24 March 2014

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