Realignment Project communication bulletin March 2012

Tuesday, 13 March 2012
The Realignment Project has issued a bulletin following a meeting of its Project Board in March. 
Phase 2
The recruitment exercise for a Breastfeeding Co-ordinator and a Public Health Dietitian based in Public Health Wales is underway.
Phase 3
The new two year contract for the Children’s Obesity Referral Programme has been awarded to MEND. The new contract will be managed by Public Health Wales from 1 April. The management and funding arrangements for the Cooking Bus will also be realigned to Public Health Wales from 1 April.
Final Phase
A submission is with the Minister for Health and Social Services regarding the realignment of the management and funding arrangements for Mental Health First Aid, Smoke Bugs, National Exercise Referral Scheme, Skin Cancer programme, Smokers Helpline, Health Challenge Wales website and Well-being Activity Grant Scheme, Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes and the pharmacy, dental health and environmental health professional advisory roles to Public Health Wales. Subject to Ministerial approval, the programmes and the health professional advisory roles will be realigned to Public Health Wales from 1 April.
The Library
The Ministerhas agreed the realignment of the library function and the arrangements are in place for completion by the end of March.
The Board thanked all of the staff in Welsh Government and Public Health Wales who have enabled the aims of the project to be achieved.