Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Ceremony

Wednesday, 20 October 2004
The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust is holding its South East Region Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Ceremony at the Heritage Park Hotel, Pontypridd on Thursday October 21, 2004 at 6.30pm.

Trust Chairman, Roy Norris will give the opening address, followed by the presentation of the Queen’s Long Service and Good Conduct Medals, which will be presented by the Lord Lieutenant for Mid Glamorgan, Kate Thomas.

Acting Chief Ambulance Officer, Mike Collins will present the ASA (Ambulance Service Association) Medals and Pre-Hospital Care Degrees (in collaboration with Swansea University School of Health Science.)

The evening will be brought to an end with the closing address of Trust Chief Executive, Don Page.

Mr Page said of the award ceremony, "The ceremonies are public celebrations to thank all those staff who are part of a great team. The range of awards presented is due to the dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm of staff who constantly aim to provide the best possible ambulance service to the people of Wales."

Welsh Ambulance Service South East Regional Staff Officer, Chris Sims said, “We are delighted to be able to give recognition for all the hard work of our staff in the form of these awards. Each and every person is thoroughly deserving of their award, and I would like to thank them personally for their effort and dedication – they are a credit to the Trust.”

A total of 105 members of staff received awards this year, with three staff members successfully obtaining Pre-Hospital Care Degrees. A new Perfect Attendance Certificate has been introduced this year to honour staff who have had zero absence throughout the year.


Long Service medals;

Aberbeeg Station - Christopher Price, Anthony Scourfield, Paul Williams

Bargeod Station - Andrew Clarke

Cardiff East - Granville Huish

Cwmbran - Stephen Jackson

Gilfach- Robert Holly

Aberdare - Selwyn John, Nigel Phillips

Blackweir - Ian Smith, Gerald Wilson

Cowbridge - Stephen Leaves

EMS Control Mamhilad - Malcolm Cook

Mamhilad Regional HQ - Tim Jones

Training Dept - Jeffrey Price


ASA Medals;

Kerry Burrows (Control)

Gethin Banfield (Patient Care Services)


Pre-Hospital Care Degrees;

Paul Burrows (Blackweir),

Luigi Matrella (Chepstow),

Jeffrey Price (Training)


The Ambulance Service (Emergency Duties) Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, is awarded under Royal Warrant issued by Her Majesty the Queen. The inauguration of the medal in 1995 can be seen as a formal expression of the nation's appreciation of the dedication of emergency ambulance staff and the increasingly expert treatment and care that they provide. To be recommended for the award of the medal, an Ambulance Technician or Paramedic must have completed at least 20 years' service on front-line emergency duties - during which his or her character and conduct must have been exemplary. Ambulance Officers may also be recommended for the award of the medal provided they have served for at least seven years in a front line emergency role and completed no less than 20 years' service in total. Their character and conduct must also be certified as having been exemplary.


The ASA Medal is awarded to staff who have worked with the Ambulance Service for at least 20 years, in a non-operational capacity, i.e admin staff, Officers who have not been on the road


BSc Pre-Hospital Care

The Pre-Hospital Care degree was one of the first of its kind to be introduced in the UK and is the only course in Wales that is specifically pre-hospital focussed, rather than just concerned with the general field of emergency care.

A four year course, the curriculum has been developed in collaboration with the Welsh Ambulance Service and reflects the priorities of both the Welsh Assembly and the UK Government to provide the right care at the time in the right place for patients accessing the Health Service in England and Wales.