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Community Health Councils in Wales

The Community Health Council (CHC) works to enhance and improve the quality of your local health service.
We are your statutory and independent voice in health services provided throughout Wales.
For further information about your local Community Health Council (CHC) click the appropriate CHC name or map area.

The Board of Community Health Councils in Wales


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The BOARD OF COMMUNITY HEALTH COUNCILS in Wales was established in April 2004 with the aim to advise, assist and monitor Community Health Councils(CHCs) with respect to the performance and of their functions and to represent thecollective views and interests of CHCs to the Welsh Ministers.
In 2010, the regulations were revised and it was clearly stated that the Board had responsibility to monitor the performance of the CHCs, the conduct of members and performance of officers as well as operating a Complaints Procedure

Community Health Councils across Wales will:

  • provide help and advice if you have problems with or complaints about NHS service
  • ensure that your views and needs influence the policies and plans put in place by health providers in your area  
  • monitor the quality of NHS services from your point of view
  • give you information about access to the NHS
You can contact the Board Staff Office to obtain more information on your local CHC, or use the mapon the top of the page

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Last updated: 02 April 2014

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