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Public Health Wales Strategy - click to downloadPublic Health Wales has published its strategy which sets out the organisation’s aim, purpose, approach, and commitments which is underpinned by priorities for action.
The Public Health Wales Strategy can be downloaded as a document [pdf icon 2013.pdf, 555KB] or viewed as a webpage.
Public Health Wales publishes an annual report each year which includes the following information:
  • Operating and Financial Review
  • Annual Governance Statement of the Chief Executive
  • Remuneration Report
annual report 2013The reports document Public Health Wales’ significant activities in making Wales healthier, happier and fairer.
An Annual Quality Statement is also produced which aims to provide an open and honest assessment of what Public Health Wales is doing to ensure all its services are meeting the needs of the population of Wales and reaching high standards.
Download / view the latest Public Health Wales Annual Report [pdf icon 2013.pdf, 1.6MB]
Download / view the latest Annual Quality Statement [pdf icon 2013.pdf, 39KB]
All previous annual reports are available from the webpage Public Health Wales Annual Reports.

Publication Scheme

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000link to an external website - opens in new window (the Act), every public authority is required to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme. 
The Act requires that all public authorities will proactively make information available to the public and recognises that the public have the right to know how services are run, including how much they cost and requires all public authorities to be proactive in making information readily available.

Board Papers

Public Health Wales Board
All Public Health Wales Board and Committee papers are available here:

Publications by Teams

Public Health Wales publishes the majority of its reports, guidance and plans in Groupware Document Databases. Documents stored there can be viewed online or downloaded at your convenience.
Teams are also responsible for publications and these can be found on their websites:
Health Intelligence
Health Protection and Microbiology
Public Health Networks

Freedom of Information

To find out about Freedom of Information or to make an information request, see the Public Health Wales Freedom of Information pages.

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Last updated: 28 January 2014