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Public Health Wales website statistics for November 2011 published

Tuesday, 13 December 2011
Data collected by Google Analytics on how visitors interacted with the Public Health Wales website during November 2011 are now available.
From 1-30 November 2011 the English language version of the website recorded 9,561 visits from 6,417 different visitors resulting in 31,701 webpages being viewed. Of these visits, 52 per cent were new visits i.e. made by visitors who had not visited the Public Health Wales website previously. On average, visitors viewed over three pages per visit and spent two and a half minutes on the website.
The number of visits during November 2011 has increased by twelve per cent in comparison to November 2010 [figure 1].
Figure 1: Weekly visits to the Public Health Wales website: 01/11/2011-30/11/2011 [blue] and 01/11/2010-30/11/2010 [orange]

For the Welsh language version of the website, 303 visits were recorded from 197 different visitors resulting in 830 webpages being viewed. Fifty per cent of visits were new visits, and visitors spent on average three minutes on the site and viewed about three pages per visit.
The top fifteen most visited pages are given in the table below:
Page title (English site)
Page title (Welsh site)
Hafan (Home)
Chwilio (Search)
Bwyta, gweithgaredd corfforol a gordewdra (Eating, Physical Activity and Obesity) 
Achosion o E. coli O157 yng Ngogledd Cymru (E. coli O157 outbreak in North Wales)
Newyddion (News Index)
Llyfrgell Hanson Cement (Library Hanson Cement)
Amdanom ni (About us)
Gordewdra (Obesity)
Gwasanaethau a Thimau (Services and Teams)
Ysmygu (Smoking)
Bwyta’n Iach (Healthy eating) 
Manylion Cyswllt y Byrddau Iechyd Newydd (Health Boards Contact Details)
Prosiect Pennu Trywydd Iechyd Atgenhedlol a’r Blynyddoedd Cynnar (Reproductive and Early Years Health Pathfinder Project)
Pynciau Iechyd (Health Topics)
Diogelu Mewn Ymarfer Deintyddol (Safeguarding in Dental Practice)
Most of the top content pages are navigational pages as would be expected and six pages feature in the top fifteen for both versions of the website.
The landing page is the page through which a visitor enters the website. It is interesting to note that eight diseases/health topics appear on this list and it is probable that visitors landed on these pages from the results of a Google (or other search-engine) search on these conditions.
For the Welsh language version of the website, the homepage was the most recorded landing page at 47 per cent although 19 per cent of visitors accessed the website through the ‘Obesity’ and ‘Eating, Physical Activity and Obesity’ pages.
Our Privacy Policy, a link to which is displayed in the footer of all Public Health Wales webpages, applies to all information collected or submitted on the website of Public Health Wales and to the use of Google Analytics to monitor user activity. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at: http://www.wales.nhs.uk/sitesplus/888/page/47400
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