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Statement about the supply of raw meat products to NHS Wales

Monday, 18 February 2013

NWSSP Procurement Services manages a range of contracts with specific meat suppliers in Wales. These include contracts for the provision of raw beef, lamb and pork.

Procurement Services has a monthly audit programme, which covers inspection and testing of the raw meat contract. Products are subject to standalone DNA/species-analysis testing on a monthly basis. All the tests carried out since the inception of this testing programme in 2006 have been negative for horse meat.

This audit programme runs in addition to the mandatory third-party food safety accreditation, which is required to supply food products to the NHS in Wales. The nominated auditors - Support and Training Services Solutions (STS) - ensure all suppliers are audited against the public sector code of practice for the supply of food.

In addition to the scheduled audit programme, STS has requested that all current suppliers of meat products run a full traceability exercise back to the farm, identifying each processor, handler or broker, cold store and re packing centre prior to the receipt of the product(s).

The meat contract also requires evidence to be provided in relation to the product traceability systems, which suppliers have in place. This specifies that suppliers of beef, pork and lamb shall have a fully documented traceability system in place. This requires accurate traceability from the point of supply to Procurement Services back to a point specified by a prospective supplier. This gives full visibility of the history of the animal and all information is expected to be at least maintained throughout the duration of the contract.

Procurement services has requested declarations from all current suppliers confirming that neither they or any of their suppliers have been implicated in the current horse meat or pork product issues. We can confirm that all suppliers have now submitted a declaration to the effect that none of them are trading or have traded with the companies in question.

We will update this website with further details as appropriate.