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Feeding your baby

Feeding Your Baby

Your Infant Feeding Coordinators for Maternity Services are:

Carol R Jones 
Contact: 07967 366884
Karen Evans 
Contact: 07969 475542
Singleton, Neath Port Talbot and Princess of Wales Hospitals are all UNICEF Baby Friendly Accredited Maternity Services.
The Baby Friendly Initiative is a global programme of UNICEF and the World Health Organisation. It works with Health Services to improve practice so that you as parents are able to make informed choices about how they feed and care for babies. The support you will receive is in line with these standards. Find out more at  http://www.babyfriendly.org.uk
The Bump to Breastfeeding DVD is given out during your pregnancy. You can watch it online at http://www.bestbeginnings.org.uk/watch-fbtb
When you have your baby, prolonged skin to skin contact allows your baby to get to know you, keeps baby warm and steadies baby’s heart rate. It will also get breastfeeding off to a good start.
We also have a strong support mechanism to help you with feeding.
On the ward at Singleton and Princess of Wales Hospital there are both midwives and nursery nurses who can assist you with feeding.
Additional information about breastfeeding can be found in the following leaflet.
When you transfer onto community with your baby, there are both Midwives and Maternity Care Assistants who can help support you with breastfeeding.
In Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board we pride ourselves in working with mothers for mothers.
There is an extensive support group system and welcome scheme premise running throughout our community.

Find a peer supporter group near you.

Parents in partnership Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot http://www.pipsw.org.uk
MAMS Support Groups Swansea contact Maria Dowden 07908372067

Hello Baby - Do you know when your baby's hungry, or how to make him or her feel safe?


Find a Breastfeeding Welcome Premise Near You

You can breastfeed comfortably whilst out and about in Wales where you see this sign.   

Further Support

Infant feeding Coordinators Health Visiting
Clare Shears   07973898219
Maria Dowden 07908372067
National Breastfeeding Helpline
08442 0909 20
NCT Helpline 0300 330 0771
La Leche League Helpline
0845 120 2918
Breastfeeding Network Helpline
08444 124 664
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Helpline
08444 122 959

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Last updated: 22 August 2013