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18 chances to avoid an unwanted pregnancy - a list of Swansea pharmacies offering free emergency contraception

Wednesday, 23 December 2009
Eighteen pharmacies across Swansea are now offering a free emergency contraception service to make it easier for women and teenage girls to take quick action to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.
Access to emergency contraception is now easier in the city than ever before, with a string of accredited and specially trained pharmacists offering emergency contraception for free. The service is also available to under-16s, offering a practical support to help avoid teen pregnancies.
Steve Newbury, of Newbury’s Pharmacy in Mumbles, explained what emergency contraception is. He said:
“Emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) can be used to stop you getting pregnant if your contraception has failed, or not been used. 
“EHC is often referred to as the “morning after pill”.  EHC can be taken up to 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex, however the sooner you take it the more effective it is at preventing pregnancy.  After 72 hours EHC does not work. 
“This new service is provided by community pharmacists. The service aims to increase the availability and accessibility of FREE EHC, which until recently was only available from sexual health clinics, GPs and accident and emergency departments.”
EHC can also be bought over the counter for £25 at other pharmacists who are not part of the 18 accredited Swansea pharmacists taking part in the scheme – but EHC cannot be sold to under-16s.
It is hoped that the new free EHC scheme will make it much easier for younger teenagers to access emergency contraception as quickly and conveniently as possible, without the previously more limited choice of sexual health clinics, their GPs or hospital A&E units.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can access this service?
This service is for anyone who may think they need EHC, including under 16’s.  Before you can be given EHC you will have to answer a few questions to see if it is suitable for you. This will be entirely confidential, and the information will not be shared with anyone else unless agreed with you. If the pharmacist is unable to supply EHC they will refer you to an alternative healthcare professional/service.
Do you have to attend in person?
Yes, you will have short consultation with the pharmacist who will determine if EHC is required. It is not possible to get EHC for someone else either through this new service or by purchasing it over the counter. 
Is this new service available in all Swansea pharmacies?
Not yet. There are currently 18 community pharmacies offering this service.
Pharmacists have undergone additional training to offer this service. Pharmacies who are part of the service will display information in their windows/ doors. Pharmacies who are not currently offering the service will have a list of those who are. This information is also available via NHS Direct Wales and on the ABM webiste. 
If you have to travel some distance to the pharmacy it is worth phoning ahead to check that the pharmacist who is trained to offer EHC is on duty to save a wasted journey.
How does EHC work?
One tablet is swallowed. EHC works by stopping your ovaries from releasing an egg, preventing sperm from fertilising any egg you may have already released; or by stopping a fertilised egg from attaching itself to your womb lining. It does not work if you are already pregnant.
Are there any side effects?
You may feel sick but very few are actually sick. If you are sick within 3 hours of taking the tablet then they need to return to the pharmacist or doctor to obtain another tablet.
Can EHC be used as a regular method of contraception?  
NO. EHC should not be used as a regular method of contraception, but you can use EHC as often as necessary. 
Will EHC protect against sexually transmitted diseases?
NO. EHC can only prevent a pregnancy from occurring if taken within 72 hours, it will not protect against STDs.
What other advice is given?
Verbal and written advice on safer sex and the use of regular contraceptive methods, including advice on the use of condoms will be given along with information on services that can provide treatment and further advice and care if necessary.
List of the 18 Pharmacies Accredited To Provide EHC Enhance Services in Swansea
Please note that the pharmacy should be phoned prior to directing the patient to ensure that the accredited pharmacist is available.
Pharmacy Name
Telephone Number
17 St Mary’s Arcade, Quadrant
01792 643461
Sainsbury’s Instore Pharmacy
Quay Parade
01792 480926
NCC – Kingsway
38 The Kingsway
01792 458883
NCC – Penlan
24 Conway Road, Penlan
01792 586444
NCC – Pennard
Pennard Surgery, Pennard Rd
01792 234219
NCC – West Cross
82 West Cross Lane
01792 403578
NCC – Gorseinon
2 Alexandra Road
01792 892252
NCC – Ravenhill
147 Ravenhill Road, Caereithin
01792 581902
NCC – Uplands
55 Uplands Cres
01792 470575
NCC – Sketty Park
2 Park Way, Sketty Park
01792 204711
NCC – Townhill
Graiglwyd Square
01792 652071
NCC – Morriston
103 Woodfield St
01792 771333
NCC – Manselton
72 Manselton Rd
01792 653136
Lloyds Pharmacy - Clydach
80 High St (Clydach Primary Care Centre)
01792 842259
Lloyds Pharmacy - Clydach
2 Heol y Nant
01792 845649
Tesco Instore Pharmacy
Tesco Extra Fforestfach
01792 497847
Pearns Pharmacy
298 Carmarthen Road (Cwmfelin Medical Centre)
01792 463213
S R Newbury
35/37 Newton Rd, Mumbles
01792 366120
This list in also available on the ABM website: www.abm.wales.nhs.uk
For further information, please contact: Susan Bailey, Associate Director Corporate Affairs (Communications)
Tel: 01639 683330
Mobile: 07800662215
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