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Health Board Agenda and Meeting Papers 28.11.13

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
Meeting to be held in Public on Thursday 28th November 2013
10.00am- 2.30pm
in the Boardroom, Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor
13/179   Chairman’s Introductory Remarks
13/180   Apologies
13/181   Declarations of Interest
  13/182.1   Accuracy
  13/182.2   Matters Arising and Review of Summary Action Plan
Quality and Safety
For decision
13/183   Patient Story –13_183 Patient Story Mixed Sex Hospital Accommodation.pdf  Mixed Sex Hospital Accommodation (Mrs A Hopkins)
13/184   Patient Safety Issue – 13_184 PSI November 2013 -Insulin Glucose _2_x.pdf Insulin Administration  (Mrs A Hopkins)
For discussion
13/186   13_186 Infection Control update.pdf Infection Control Update  (Mrs A Hopkins)
13/187   13_187 Health and Safety update.pdf Health & Safety Update  (Mrs G Lewis-Parry)
13/188   13_188 Q&S report revised v2.pdf Integrated Quality & Safety Report (Mrs A Hopkins / Mr T Lynch)
13/189  13_189 Performance report.pdf Performance Report  (Mr T Lynch)
For information
13/190   13_190 Seasonal Plan.pdf Seasonal Plan Update (Mr T Lynch)
13/191   13_191 Safeguarding Annual Report 2012_13.pdf Safeguarding Annual Report  (Mrs A Hopkins)
13/192   13_192 Compliance NPSAs.pdf Compliance with National Patient Safety Alerts  (Mrs A Hopkins)
Strategy & Leadership
For decision
13/193   13_193 Response to HIW_WAO Governance Review.pdf Response to HIW/WAO Governance Review  (Mr G Lang )
13/195   13_195 Staff Survey Improvement Action Plan incl presentation.pdf Staff Survey Improvement Action Plan (Mr J M Jones)
For information
13/199   13_199 Civil Contingencies Update 2012_13.pdf Civil Contingencies Annual Update (Mr N Bradshaw)

30 minute break

Financial Stewardship
For discussion
13/200   13_200 Finance report_ M7_2013.pdf Finance Report  (Mr B Evans)
13/201   Contract Award for Clinical Biochemistry Managed Equipment Service (Mr B Evans)
Performance and Assurance
For decision
13/202   13_202 Corporate Risk Register.pdf Corporate Risk Register (Mrs G Lewis-Parry)
For discussion
13/203   13_203 Workforce Dashboard .pdf Workforce Dashboard   (Mr JM Jones)
For information
13/205   Presentation: 13_205 Organ and Tissue Donation Annual report 2012_13.pdf Organ and Tissue Donation Annual Report  2012-13  (Dr S Sandow - Clinical Lead)
13/207   Issues of Significance and draft minutes of Committee meetings and Advisory Groups:
  13/207.1   13_207.1 Audit Committee 19.9.13.pdf Audit Committee 19.9.13    
  13/207.5   13_207.5 SRG 9.9.13.pdf Stakeholder Reference Group 9.9.13   
  13/207.9   13_207.9 LPF 3.9.13 Ios_mins.pdf Local Partnership Forum 3.9.13  
For ratification
13/208   Update of Register (All Wales)  (Mr G Lang)   
  13/208.2 13_208.2 Approved Clinicians report November 2013.pdf Approved Clinicians
13/209   Date of next meeting to be held in public: Thursday 23.1.14 @ 10am in the Boardroom, Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Last updated: 22 November 2013