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Board Agenda and Meeting Papers 28.2.13

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
Meeting to be held on Thursday 28th February 2013, 9.30am -12.30pm
in the Foyer, Postgraduate Centre, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd
13/034 Quality & Safety Issues:
  13/034.1 Patient Safety Bulletin February 2013 – 13_034.1 Patient Safety issue.pdf Clostridium Difficile and Root Cause Analysis (Dr M Duerden )
  13/034.2 13_034.2 Q&S 7.2.13 draft Mins v.02.pdf Draft Minutes of Quality & Safety Committee 7.2.13 (Mrs G Lewis-Parry)
  13/034.3 13_034.3 Patient_Staff Story Compassionate Care.pdf Patient / Staff Story Compassionate Care (Mrs R Cartmell)
  13/034.4 Mental Health Matters
13/035 Apologies
13/036 Draft Minutes of the Health Board meeting held on 13_036.1 Minutes BCUHB 18.1.13 V0.05x.pdf 18.1.13 and 13_036.1 Minutes BCUHB 24.1.13 draft v.02.pdf 24.1.13
13/037 Matters arising and summary action plan
13/038 Chairman’s Report - verbal
13/039 13_039 Chief Executive Report.pdf Chief Executive’s Report (Mrs M Burrows)
13/040 Strategy
For information:
  13/040.2 13_040.2 Public Health Green paper_coversheets and paperx.pdf Public Health Green Paper Consultation (Mr A Jones)

13/041 Performance
For discussion:
  13/041.1 13_041.1 Finance report V2.pdf Finance Report and Issues of significance from the 13_041.1 F&P Mins draft 23.1.13 v.02 Public.pdf Finance & Performance (F&P) Committee meeting held on 23.1.13 (Mr K McDonogh / Mrs H Simpson)  - Finance report amended 28.2.13
  13/041.2 13_041.2 Performance Report.pdf Performance Report and issues of significance from the F&P Committee meeting held on 23.1.13
(Mr K McDonogh / Mr M Common)
  13/041.3 13_041.3 Workforce Intelligence Dashboard Feb 2013.pdf Workforce Intelligence Dashboard (Mr J M Jones)
  13/041.4 13_041.4 Picker Outpatient survey 2012.pdf Picker Outpatient Survey 2012 (Mrs R Cartmell)
13/042 Conformance
For information:
  13/042.1 13_042.1 Documents Signed under Seal 14.7.12 _25.1.13.pdf Documents signed under seal 14.7.12 – 25.1.13 (Mrs G Lewis-Parry)
  13/042.2 Issues of Significance and draft minutes of Committee meetings and Advisory Groups:
     13/042.2.1 13_042.2.1 WODC 10.1.13 draft mins v.03.pdf Workforce & Organisational Development Committee 10.1.13 draft minutes (Prof M Jones / Mr JM Jones)
     13/042.2.2 13_042.2.2 SRG Minutes 7.1.13 draft mins.pdf Stakeholder Reference Group 7.1.13 draft minutes (Mr D Scott)
     13/042.2.3 13_042.2.3 HPF Minutes 11.1.13 draft mins.pdf Healthcare Professionals Forum 11.1.13 draft minutes (Dr B Owen)
     13/042.2.4 13_042.2.4 LPF 27.11.12.pdf Local Partnership Forum 27.11.12 approved minutes (Mr JM Jones)
For Ratification:
  13/042.3 Update of Register (All Wales) (Mr G Lang)
     13/042.3.1 13_042.3.1 Section 12.pdf Section 12(2) Approved Doctors
     13/042.3.2 13_042.3.2 Approved clinicians.pdf Approved Clinicians
13/043 Any Other Business

13/044 Date of Next Meeting : Thursday 28.3.13 10.00am, Boardroom, Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor

Last updated: 28 February 2013