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YGC Project User Groups

Each department or area is designed is by a User Group made up of people who lead that area, people who work in it and people who use it, working with planners, project managers, architects and the construction team. 

Update: November 2011

Pathology, Mortuary and Bereavement Services
We’re now waiting for Planning Permission for this new building to come through in the next month or so. The user group has changed into a Commissioning group now and is looking at how the changeover between their current department and the new build will take place.


The work on building the new theatres has started and the target date for them to be handed over is April 2012, with a view to starting operating in May 2012. A user group has been formed to design the next stages of the theatre development and how that will fit in with our plans to develop a new day case patient area. The group will meet for the first time on the 7th November.


The overall layout of the wards and the corridors leading to them has been agreed. The nurses are now looking in detail at the individual rooms and how different wards might need different equipment in some of their treatment rooms. The nurses are looking at how we can use the ideas of the tower block ward designs to design the new ward areas on the ground floor.
View the 3d ward mock-up on the Initial Plans page

Emergency Quarter

The Emergency Quarter layout is now agreed with a combined Emergency and GP Out-of-hours Department surrounded by Medical and Surgical rapid assessment areas and wards. There will be space for an X-Ray room in the department to allow patients to have injuries diagnosed more quickly. An important feature is a centrally placed staff area which will allow doctors and nurses from all specialties to mix and relax together in breaks or share ideas or worries about patients. This helps people to work together as members of a team and will help patient care.

Critical Care

The overall plans of the area have been signed off and the group is looking at individual room layouts now. The new Critical Area will have 16 beds and will be divided into two areas each with eight beds. Half the unit will take patients who need ‘Intensive Care’ often needing help to breathe and perhaps on ‘life support machines.’ The other half will take patients who are not quite as ill, or who don’t need as much support, but who still need more observation and treatment than we can give on the wards. There will be a much better and more private waiting area for relatives.


The User group is looking at how the area will be used in the future and form that will be able to decide how much space they will need.

Pharmacy and Catering

These two department user groups are on hold for the moment, while the actual areas that they will need for how they will work in the future are closely examined. As they sit next to each other on the plans, any change in the size of one would potentially affect the other.

Medical Investigations area

Members of different departments are now coming together to discuss what kind of work will take place in this new area.

Update: September 2011

Pathology and Mortuary
The room plans have been ‘signed off’ by the user group and the planning application for the new building has gone in.

Theatres Phase One (Former main theatres 1-6)

The asbestos strip is already finished in part of the theatre area and is a fortnight ahead of schedule in the rest.  The user group has signed off the overall plan and individual room plans and building the new theatres is due to start on the 3rd October 2011.

Theatres Phase 2 (Moving the emergency and trauma theatres to the first floor and adding two more theatres to support the transfer of orthopaedic work from Abergele Hospital)

We are organising who is on the User group

The overall layout is progressing

The overall layout of the wards and the corridors leading to them has been agreed and the room layouts are almost ready for sign off.

Emergency Quarter
The user groups have gone back a stage as they wanted to look again at how different areas worked together, and the new plans look better.

Critical Care
The user group has had its first meeting and is looking at the overall layout of the area they will move into. The architect is drawing up first plans.

The group is looking at the overall layout of their area and has visited other Pharmacies to get ideas.

Medical Investigations area
There has been an start up briefing meeting.

Last updated: 08 August 2012