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Engagement - Staff Questions & Answers

Mae’r dogfennau technegol sydd yn ymwneud a’r arolwg wedi eu cyheoddi yma er mwyn sicrhau bod y broses mor dryloyw ac agored a sy’n bosibl. Gan mai dogfennau mewnol ydyn nhw, maent ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Q1. Why is this review necessary?
A1: National standards for safety, workforce and demand have increased the pressure on our present services to a point where they are no longer sustainable in their existing format.
Q2. How will you consider the views of frontline staff?
A2. This review will be clinically led and members of the work streams will aim to fairly represent the views of staff throughout the process.  Staff can make their views known though staff forums and a series of ‘drop-in’ events are being scheduled for people to make suggestions, raise any issues and concerns.  These will be advertised in advance. There will also be 2 stakeholder events held, one in September and one in October, however these will be by invitation due to the potentially high number of participants.
Q3. Why is this review been done is such a short timescale?
A3. A time-limited national review of maternity and paediatric services is presently underway across Wales and the North Wales review will seek to inform this work. The National Review is due to feed back to Welsh Assembly Government by the end December 2010.
Q4. When will decisions be made on service changes?
A4. The Project Board will report its findings and recommendations to the November meeting of the BCUHB Board. 
Q5. Are you planning to close units?
A5: The Review commenced in July and our aim is to develop a safe, sustainable and affordable model of care for acute and community services for the future. It is likely that the role and function of existing units will need to change in order to achieve this.
Q6. Will staff be displaced or relocated to another site?
A6: It is likely that there will be changes to the present configuration of staff within these service areas. In such instance the Organisational Change Policy will be applied to those staff affected.
Q7. This seems like just another cost saving exercise. How will you guarantee patient safety?
A7. Safety is the main driver for this review and this will be demonstrated through compelling clinical evidence that proves the need for change on the basis of safety and sustainability.  Finance is undeniably a constraint in the provision of any services in the present economic climate and any proposed model must be affordable.

Last updated: 08 March 2011