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NHS Wales Staff Survey extended for entries until 28 February

Thursday, 14 February 2013
All NHS Wales staff are encouraged to take part in the NHS Wales Staff Survey. The survey has been developed by the Welsh Partnership Forum, which includes representatives of staff organisations as well as Health Boards and Trusts.  
The survey findings will be used at national and local level to understand staff views and focus on where changes are needed. The 1000 Lives Plus programme, has helped plan the survey to ensure the questions reflect how patient safety, and the experiences of staff and patients are all linked.
Tim Heywood, the programme manager for ‘Leading the Way to Quality Improvement’ says: “The goal of a positive working environment for staff is not just about being a good employer. The evidence shows that staff who feel engaged do a better job – and that results in a safer treatment and a more positive experience for patients.”
“I think this staff survey is very important as it provides an excellent way for me and other members of the Executive Team to really understand what people think,” says Ruth Davies, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, Public Health Wales.
“The majority of the survey is about how people feel about their workplace and the management of the organisation. We will look the outcomes of the survey and start working on the big issues as soon as possible after the survey results are available in April.”
Tim Heywood has blogged about the Staff Survey on the 1000 Lives Plus blog, which has recently been launched.
“When we get to see the survey reports, it may be they will show us things we think we already know. Some of it might be good news, but certainly not all,” says Tim.
“When we face the messages that aren’t positive, we must get curious about how so many of us came to think like that and then plan what we can all do to change things in a positive way.”
NHS Wales staff can access the survey here
The closing date for the survey is Thursday 28 February.
Source: 1000 Lives Plus