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Welsh Government news: Review of management of asbestos

Monday, 21 January 2013

The independent review of the management of asbestos at Bronglais Hospital has been published today.


Dr Clive Grace was commissioned by the Chief Executive of NHS Wales, David Sissling, to complete the review following an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive in 2011. The review aimed to identify lessons learned for NHS Wales.

The review identifies a range of recommendations to improve the governance and management of health and safety in NHS Wales, including:

  • the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership completing a thematic audit and assurance of health and safety management in NHS organisations;
  • the Wales Audit Office including health and safety management in their 2012 structured assessments of NHS organisations; and
  • Health Inspectorate Wales including health and safety management as a theme in their next round of healthcare summits.

Dr Grace said:

"What was striking throughout the work of the review was the overwhelming sense of commitment which everyone had to helping find out what happened at Bronglais Hospital and helping to improve matters going forward.  That is a fundamental strength of the public service in Wales."

NHS Wales Chief Executive David Sissling said the report's recommendations were already being progressed.

David Sissling said:

"I commissioned this review to see if there were lessons that could be learnt in the handling of asbestos, both specifically for Bronglais Hospital and also more broadly for the NHS in Wales.

"I would like to thank Dr Grace for completing such a thorough review of the situation at Bronglais hospital and all of the individuals who contributed to the review process.

"I have accepted all of the recommendations made by Dr Grace which we have already began to implement."

Dr Clive Grace's review has been published at: http://wales.gov.uk/topics/health/publications/health/reports/asbestos/?lang=en

Source: Health in Wales