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Links for Professionals

Below are some links to professional-focused organisations which you may find useful.
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, nor is this a list of websites and organisations endorsed by the Network and we do not accept responsibility for the content of any website linked to. All links are in English unless otherwise stated.

An organisation representing professionals working in HIV Care. Membership is over 900 across a wide range of healthcare professionals and other HIV healthcare workers.
HIVinsight is an online educational initiative, developed by the National HIV Nursing Association (NHIVNA) with the aim of supporting nurses who are working towards Level 2 of the National HIV Nursing Competencies.
The HIV Pharmacy Association is for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the UK and Republic of Ireland working in Infectious Diseases and HIV specialisms.
The National HIV Nurses Association focuses on research, education and support for its membership.
This association is for professionals working with children affected by HIV. There are currently over 150 members, embracing many different disciplines including nursing, GU Medicine, paediatrics, community child health, child development, psychology, social work, dieticians, pharmacists and support services.
The HIV Trainees Club was formed in 1998 to act as a forum for all specialist registrars in GU medicine and infectious disease with an interest in HIV medicine, to meet for educational and social purposes.

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Last updated: 23/08/2010