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Aims and Objectives

The team is expected to work towards critical strategic aims with hard targets, in terms of both quality and efficiency, in order to deliver an appropriate return on investment:
  • Identification of new developments in the area of interest
  • Development and implementation of pathways in the post holder’s clinical area
  • Making proposals for taking new developments forward
  • Providing a focused strategy for work in the area of interest
  • Delivery of new initiatives through group work
  • Providing commentaries on NSFs and other guidelines and recommendations
  • Enabling an information service to local clinicians in their area of interest
  • Acting as Clinical Futures programme ambassador when appropriate
The Role of the team is:-
  • To act as lead in the specified clinical area by identifying and responding to emerging relevant clinical  areas of high priority.
  • To act as a link to a defined for a, professionally or geographically defined group of clinicians and to the Clinical Futures development team.
  • To support the development and dissemination of clinical pathways in the post holders area of clinical responsibility which are required for the implementation of the Clinical Futures programme and Sustaining Services programme where appropriate.
  • To write commentaries on the relevant national service frameworks and other key strategic documents and press for changes in the clinical areas where the LHBs see a need for improvement.
  • To facilitate an enquiry service to local clinicians with regard to Clinical Futures in the post holder’s area of clinical interest.
  • To engage with other clinical champions to ensure a unified approach and identification of further areas that need clinical champion support.
  • To attend quarterly Clinical Champion team meetings
  • To provide timely performance monitoring information as agreed by the Clinical Champion’s team.

Last updated: 06/07/2010