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Private Consultants

The Glan Usk Suite

Consultants with out patient and admission privileges:

Orthopaedics (Hips, Knees, Backs, Shoulders, etc)
Mr H B Mehta
General orthopaedic surgery, specialising in shoulder surgery
Foot specialist and general orthopaedic surgery
Hand and wrist specialist and general orthopaedic surgeon
Mr David Baker
General and children’s orthopaedic surgeon
Medicine (Chest, Stomach, Elderly, Arthritis, Skin, Nerves, Blood disorders)
Gastroenterology (stomach, etc)
Dr Jose Thomas
Chest Physician
Cardiology (Heart)
Cardiology (Heart)
Elderly and Strokes
Elderly and Obesity
Rheumatology (Arthritis, etc)
Rheumatology (Arthritis, etc)
Rheumatology (Arthritis, etc)
Dermatology (Skin)
Neurology (Nerves, etc)
Dr C T Jong
Dermatology (lesion/mole removal)
Surgery (Veins, Hernia, Gall Bladder, Bariatric)
Mr Paul E Edwards
General Surgery and Bariatric (Weight loss)
Mr K Somasekar
General and laparoscopic surgery 
General Surgery and Crohn’s disease
Mr Alun W Thomas
Urology (bladder)
General Surgery and Colo-rectal
General Surgery and Breast
Mr El Hamamy
All appointments are made through the Glan Usk Suite, please telephone 01873 732388.

Last updated: 15/10/2013