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Chapter Events

1000 Lives Plus is pleased to invite the Student Chapter members to the following upcoming events! These events have limited space, therefore priority will be given to those who book first. Contact for more information on how you can attend.
To find out more about these programme areas and why you should attend, please visit here
Date: Tuesday 20th September 2011 (9am - 3.30pm) 
Venue: Pavilion, Llandrindod Wells
The aim of the acute coronary syndromes programme is to share, learn and improve upon the timely management and treatment of acute chest pain to reduce patient morbidity and mortality. The programme has been split into two bundles: rapid assessment – which addresses patient care before they reach a hospital; and continuing inpatient monitoring – which addresses in-hospital management of acute chest pain.
Attendees will include consultant cardiologists/physicians, coronary care unit nurses, cardiac rehabilitation nurses, general managers for cardiology/medicine/acute services and representatives from clinical audit from each hospital. 
For more information on the programme please visit here.
Deadline to register: Monday 12th September
Who should definitely attend: nursing or medic students with an interest in cardiology.
How to register? Please email the downloadable booking form to Kelly King: by Monday 12th September 2011.
Date: 15th September, 17th November
Venue: Media Resource Centre, Llandrindod Wells
Summary: The Rapid Response to Acute Illness Learning Set (RRAILS) meets every two months with the aim of reducing avoidable mortality and harm occurring to hospital patients from sepsis and acute deterioration.
11% of all hospital deaths are thought to be avoidable by the implementation of simple measures to aid early detection and treatment of deterioration. RRAILS enables clinical teams from all Welsh Healthcare organisations to implement these measures and to demonstrate that they are making a difference.
The most important current issue for RRAILS is the adoption across Wales of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) which will be achieved by April 2012.
Who should definitely attend? Medical and nursing students who are close to graduation would be the best bet.
Deadline to register interest: 15th Sept now fully booked. Deadline for 17th Nov will be: 3rd Nov
Date: 17th October
Venue: Media Resource Centre, Llandrindod Wells
Summary:  Stories are a powerful tool used by NHS Wales to learn about individuals’ experience of care. Everyone’s experience is important and can provide a powerful insight into areas of good practice and for improvement.Stories have been a key tool promoted by 1000 Lives Plus. Every time we take a story we have the opportunity to learn and develop our approach. The story is not the outcome – it is what you do with what you hear that is of the utmost importance!
Deadline to register interest: Friday 30th September

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