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Get involved!

We know you’re busy and appreciate that you will have many demands on your time as a student.
Here is a list of simple ways you can get involved with the Wales Student Chapter:
You’ll have access to useful resources including articles, videos, presentations and 1000 Lives Plus topics in focus. You can also keep up to date with the latest news from the Chapter including any competitions or events we have lined up.
We’ll send you updates on our latest events, competitions, hints & tips on the IHI courses from our members and the progress of the 1000 Lives Plus.
Visit our Facebook group and connect with other people studying in Universities across Wales and participate in online discussions.
Join the global Chapter movement by registering your details on to access their online courses, case studies and discussion groups. You can learn what other Chapters across the world are doing!
The courses are split into three core areas: quality improvement, patient safety and leadership. Each lesson takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete – you can complete them wherever and whenever you have a spare minute and save your progress as you go along.
Once you’ve taken a course, why not share how you found it and what did you learn from it by submitting a blog.
Complete the IHI online courses and you’ll receive a certificate of completion which is a great addition to your CV demonstrating skills in quality improvement, patient safety and leadership to future employers.
The Find a Mentor tool matches medical, nursing, and other health professions students with practicing professionals. Mentorship can take on many different forms — whether that’s one-time career advice or monthly improvement project coaching — and that’s open for mentors and students to decide what is most appropriate.
If you’d like us to visit your campus and learn more about 1000 Lives Plus improvement methodology and how you can get involved through the Wales Student Chapter then contact us. So far, we’ve visited these places.
We’re looking for members that want the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership not only through learning theory but from working within a multi-professional team. You will establish links within your University to encourage promotion of the Chapter whilst meeting with multi-professional students across Wales. We’ll give you support and mentor you to become advocates for patient safety for the future healthcare workforce. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact Victoria on:

Read the following stories from Chapter members, past and present to understand how you can make a difference...
Andy Carson-Stevens (former Chapter member)
Kate Moores (current Chapter member)

Last updated: 09/08/2011