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In 2007 our group  formed  by   Five NHS doctors  of  North Wales   and  two  lay members from the agriculture sector and social welfare.
In 2008 we received BMA humatarian grant to travel to Mbeya ,Tanzania  where we carried out a baseline visit health survey and started a link with a rural village clinic serving  of a population of 30,000  of which 8,000 were women aged between 16 -45 years of age, without sexual and reproductive healthcare. The clinic is now providing contraception, antenatal and post natal care  and assisted births. Child measles immunization rate has increased to 99.7 % from 64% in 2008.
In South Africa the group has established a link with Phelophepa Primary Healthcare Train of Hope. This is a scheme which is operated by TransNet and volunteers to deliver basic health and social care to remote communities of South Africa.  In 2011, SHIDA UK   conducted a baseline  health visit to ruarl South Africa  in conjuction  with local partner TransNet  to expand and enhence access  to  quality health and social care in resource poor rural areas.

Key contact UK

Dr Faulds Tom Mwambingu: 0135 2700212

Key contact Africa

Mrs Lindiwe R Bonga:

Last updated: 02/08/2013