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Safer Birth in Chad

About the link
SBIC is in some ways a tribute to the power of great documentary TV. Moved by a 2005 BBC Panorama film about conditions in Chad maternity units, ordinary women and men from across the UK began work to help improve the (still) desperate maternal mortality rates in this African country.  
They seek to improve maternal care and delivery conditions for women  giving birth in the two district hospitals  in N’Djamena, Chad’s capital. They share British midwives’ expertise with Chadian midwives and trainers. This approach has potential for  long-term change.
SBIC trainers Dorothy Turner (extreme left), Comfort Momoh (in white in the centre) and Chadian midwives and trainers. The watermelon was used in a role-play to demonstrate what to do if a woman arrives and has an eclamptic fit.

Last updated: 02/08/2013