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Glan Clwyd and Hossana Hospital

About the Link
The link was set up in 2005 under the auspices of The Tropical Health Education Trust. Glan Clwyd, as part of BC University Health Board, is a medium sized district general hospital in North Wales. Hossana hospital is a 200 bed general hospital in southern Ethiopia, serving 1.5 million people with very limited resources. Visits to Hossana have involved joint education and provision of educational material (CDs, books, audiovisual equipment, laptops), provision of requested medical equipment (oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, theare suction units and monitors etc), joint funding of renovation of staff residences, and clinical work, particularly in ophthalmology. On recent visits, training courses in emergency obstetrics, paediatrics, trauma and infection control have been run for Health Officers and Masters students in Hossana. Three visits to the UK by partners from Hossana have taken place and have involved awareness raising, presentations on health care in sub-Saharan Africa, experience in various departments of the hospital, and most recently, attendance at an acute trauma life support course.
The major project in recent years has been sorting out the water supply and sanitation in Hossana hospital. A joint plan was made by engineers from North Wales, Hossana engineers, and WaterAid Ethiopia to build a 4 storey water tower (50 cubic meters capacity) and renovate the blocked and broken sewage system. Fund-raising took place in Glan Clwyd hospital and beyond, and with a significant contribution from the local Hadiya Zonal Health Board, sufficient funds were raised to complete the project in 2012. Further work on plumbing within the hospital is anticipated.
An off-shoot of the Glan Clwyd Hossana link has been set up between eye staff from the Stanley Eye Unit in North Wales and the eye unit in Yirga Alem hospital, which supplies ophthalmic outreach to Hossana hospital. This link has developed rapidly and involves clinical work, training and education, and provision of ophthalmic equipment for the department in Yirga Alem.
Hossana-Glan Clwyd Link
Dr Duncan Cameron, Dept of Paediatrics, Glan Clwyd Hospital, Denbighshire LL18 5UJ Tel: 01745 534808      
Dr Adene Gonemo, Medical Director, Nigist Eleni Mohammed Hospital, Box 22, Hossana, SNNPR
Yirga Alem – HM Stanley Hospital Link:
Mrs Claire Morton, Dept of Ophthalmology, HM Stanley Hospital, LL17 0RS
01745 583275      

Last updated: 02/08/2013