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Code of Practice for Wales

The Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice for Wales is guidance to doctors, approved clinicians, managers and staff of hospitals, and approved mental health professionals on how they should proceed when undertaking functions and duties under the Act. It also gives guidance to doctors and other professionals about certain aspects of medical treatment for mental disorder more generally.

It is intended to be accessible to patients, carers, advocates and others who support them. The Code should also be beneficial to the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales, police and ambulance services, and others involved in providing services to people who are, or may become, subject to compulsion under the Act.
The Code is available in both English and Welsh, and came into force on Monday 3 November 2008. 
Copies of the Code are avaialble (free of charge) from
The Welsh Assembly Government has published its response to its consultation exercises on the draft Code.

Last updated: 06/01/2011