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Training Materials

Training materials to support the implementation of the Mental Health Act 2007

The Welsh Assembly Government commissioned the development of learning resources to support the implementation of the Mental Health Act 2007 in Wales. These learning resources have been developed to ensure that educational material is accessible to all staff and organisations affected by the legislative changes.

The resources focus on the changes introduced by the Mental Health Act 2007 and the related provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice for Wales.
The purpose of these resources is to offer a framework of training relevant to all levels of staff within organisations and to provide access to appropriate training materials in either a workshop or workbook format.
Core module – designed for all staff working within mental health and learning disability services. This module is suitable for all staff working in those services, and can be supplemented where applicable by additional specialist modules (see below).
General awareness – designed for staff not working in mainstream mental health or learning disability services, and is therefore suitable for professionals in A&E Departments, medical wards, ambulance staff, police, etc.
Approved Clinicians and Responsible Clinicians – a specialist additional module designed for existing Responsible Medical Officers (including Community Responsible Medical Officers) on the functions of Approved and Responsible Clinicians and the changes that the 2007 Act will bring to their role.
Section 12(2) Approved Doctors – a specialist additional module for existing section 12 doctors which focuses on the relevant changes to the 1983 Act made by the 2007 Act
Hospital managers – a stand alone module for those hospital managers who exercise the power of discharge in respect of patients subject to the 1983 Act. This module focuses on the changes brought about by the 2007 Act as they will impact on the power of discharge.

Last updated: 06/01/2011