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Prescribed Forms

The Mental Health (Hospital, Guardianship, Community Treatment and Consent to Treatment) (Wales) Regulations 2008 are the principle regulations dealing with the exercise of compulsory powers in respect of persons liable to be detained in hospital or under guardianship, together with community patients, under the Mental Health Act 1983.
The Regulations prescribe the forms that are to be used in the exercise of powers under the Act, and these are set out in Schedule 1 of the Regulations. These Regulations (and the prescribed forms) came into force on 3 November 2008.
The Code of Practice for Wales (at paragraph 22.4) states:
"The patient should be given clear information explaining why they are being detained, so that they can adequately and effectively challenge their detention, if they want to. This information should set out in full the specific reasons for their detention, rather than offering broad reasons why a section may be applied to a person. The patient should receive copies of the detention or SCT forms (or equivalent court orders, directions from the Secretary of State, or transfers from another jurisdiction). The hospital managers may decide (based on the advice of the authors of the documents) that the information to be disclosed would adversely affect the health or well-being of the patient or others. In these circumstances the information should be withheld, either in part or in full. It may be necessary to remove any personal information of third parties (for example, addresses of assessors) before giving the papers to the patient."
On 2nd June 2012 The Mental Health (Hospital, Guardianship,Community Treatment and Consent to Treatment) (Wales)(Amendment) Regulations 2012 came into force. The following forms have been amended CO 7, HO 15, CP 1, CP 5, TC 8 and a new Form C0 8 has been introduced.
Please note: These forms should be printed out on pink paper.  It is recommended that you choose "shrink to printable area" in your print options for your printer.

Last updated: 20/06/2012