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Bowel Screening Wales

What happens next?

Your Results

Your results will be posted to you within two weeks. Most people – about 98 out of 100 – will have a normal result, which means that no blood was found in the samples.
If the result is unclear you may have to  repeat the test.
If blood has been found in the sample, you will be referred to your local hospital for further assessment.
You may be offered further investigation which may include a colonscopy.

Repeating the Test

If your screening test results are classed as unclear you will be asked to repeat the test.
But don’t panic – receiving an unclear result does not mean you have cancer.
An unclear result means there was a slight trace of blood in your sample. This could have been caused by conditions such as piles (haemorrhoids), stomach ulcers or by your diet.
Around four in every 100 people will receive an unclear result. Most people who repeat the test will then receive a normal result and return to routine screening every two years.
You will be sent another test kit and instruction leaflet. It is slightly different to the test you have already completed and is called an Immunochemical Faecal Occult Blood Test.
This test is better at detecting blood when results of the first test are unclear.
Please follow the instructions carefully and return your test sample to Bowel Screening Wales. You will receive the result within one week.
If it is still unclear or there is blood in your bowel motion, you will be offered an appointment for further assessment.
This may include a colonoscopy to see whether or not there is a problem that may need treatment.

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Last updated: 28/05/2010