Reception Times

Between 9.00 am and 6.30 pm every week day if your surgery reception is closed your call will be diverted to the reception of one of the other surgeries in the Minafon, Derwendeg and Mariners family of surgeries. This means you can call your surgery at any time from 9.00 until 6.30 everyday from Monday to Friday to speak to a receptionist. If your call is urgent, for example in a medical emergency, it will be dealt with immediately. If the call is for a routine matter you may be asked to call your own surgery back when it is open and better able to help you.

Minafon Surgery Kidwelly (01554 890234)

The Minafon surgery reception is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am until 6.30 pm every day except on Wednesdays and Fridays when it closes at 6.00 pm.

Derwendeg Surgery Trimsaran (01554 810223)

Derwendeg surgery is open from 9.00 am until 6.30 pm every day apart from closing for lunch between 1.00 and 2.00 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and from 1.00 pm on Tuesday afternoons.

Mariners Surgery Ferryside (01267 267239)

The Mariners surgery reception is open from 9.00 am until 2.00 pm on Mondays and Fridays and from 9.00 am until 6.30 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Home Visits

If you are too unwell to attend the surgery in person and would like to arrange for a doctor to visit, please ring your surgery on the number above between 9.00 and 10.30 am., Monday – Friday.

Test Results

Please telephone the surgery between 10.00 am and 12 noon for your test results. Allow one week for the results to be received by the surgery from the date of the test.

To Speak to a Doctor

If you need to speak to a doctor, please call your surgery between 10.00 and 11.00 a.m. and leave a message with the receptionist who will ask the Doctor to return your call at the end of surgery (land lines, not mobiles please.)

Last updated: 09/01/2008