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Growing Professionals Health Informatics

This is a one-stop-shop for Health Informatics development in NHS Wales. The Health Informatics Professional Development Programme is working to help you to develop the right skills needed for your vital roles in health informatics.

This website offers lots of information as well as a number of tools to help you to progress in your career as a health informatician. Whether you need to improve your skills for your current role or to find out how to make the jump to promotional position, we can help you.

Below is a list of all the information you will need to get you started:

Health Informatics and the HI Professional Development Programme

What is Health Informatics? - This will help you to understand what we mean when we talk about Health Informatics.

What is the HI Professional Development Programme? - What do we do and why are we here?

Unsure if you are a Health Informatics professional? Click here to find out!

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Career Progression

Health Informatics Career Framework - this is an online tool which includes approximately 100 job roles to help you search for the right job for you. You can find out the knowledge, skills and qualifications you will need for each job, and also view examples of career progression to show you how you can move from one area of HI into another.

Current Vacancies - A list of current vacancies in various Health Informatics roles as advertised by NHS Jobs.

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Learning and Resources

Academic Courses - University courses in Health Informatics qualifications

Leadership and management qualifications - a list of relevant qualifications in leadership and management

Funding Opportunities - find out what funding is available for any courses you may wish to study

NLIAH's Learning Lab - Information on accessing the Learning Lab at the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare

E-Library for Wales - access free online journals and databases

Core skills and lifelong learning - find out about local initiatives to help you to develop core skills to help you in the workplace

Useful links - links to other resources which may help your development

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Health Informatics People

Health Informatics Contact Database - Click here to register or log in to the database to keep up-to-date with HI-ProfILE news and events and search for colleagues across Wales.

HI Sub-specialty area - click to find out more information related to your specific specialty area and access shared resources.

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Last updated: 11/04/2012