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Why do we need this programme?

The current and future modernisation of healthcare, the increasing expectations of patients and the public, and the exponential acceleration in technology and information systems innovation will result in:

  • More sophisticated ways of developing health planning and commissioning of services and the introduction of NHS Wales Informatics Service to drive and underpin healthcare modernisation will demand a more versatile HI workforce.
  • Clinical systems will require more sophisticated tools and Information Communication Technology (ICT) to be developed by Health Informatics (HI) practitioners.
  • Clinicians will rely more on what should be reliable and robust information systems and services and the staff who support and have expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining those systems.
  • Boundaries and interfaces between Health Informatics staff and other specialties, sectors and professionals will be even more important.
  • Patients and the public will expect safe access to relevant information for themselves and their clinicians at and beyond the point of care and will look to Health Informatics staff to provide this.
  • The profile of Information and IT tools will be raised and there is the potential for Health Informatics staff to contribute to any positive images (or conversely to any negative perceptions).
  • And so Health Informatics staff will need to be organised effectively in the right numbers (capacity), have the right knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes (capability), demonstrate that they meet criteria to undertake their role (professional standards/registration) and work together to share knowledge, engender a sense of discrete identity and support each other and the profession as a whole (community). 

Last updated: 16/05/2011