The Criteria for Home Domiciliary Visits


The Criteria for Home Domiciliary Visits:

Patients are advised to please contact the surgery before 1000AM, if they require a Home (Domiciliary) Visit owing to their medical condition and/or illness.  The call will be recorded in the House call book and presented to the duty doctor who will make the appropriate assessment.  The doctor may call you direct, therefore, up to date contact details are vitally important.  The doctor will visit usually at the end of the clinical session.

Please be aware, that the doctor could potentially see 5 patients in the surgery, in the time it takes to make one home visit.  THANK YOU.

Arrangements for patients to speak to GPs and Nurses on the telephone during the working day.

Any patients who request to speak to a GP or a Nurse are invited to advise the receptionist if the request is Urgent e.g. for a House Call, in which case it will be dealt within the House Call criteria/policy.

For non-urgent request the caller should be invited to leave a message with the reason for the request and the caller will be advised that the GP and/or Nurse will contact the patient at the end of the Clinical session.

All information relating to non-urgent requests should be recorded on the approved duplicated message pads.

GPs and Nurses will not be disturbed during a consultation.

If the request is deemed urgent but can wait momnetarily the call should be put through in between patient consultations.

If the request is urgent and the patient and /or caller states that the issue cannot wait, the call will be put through immediately to the duty GP, or if it appears the situation is life threatening illness or injury the patient/caller in addition will be advised to Contact the Ambulance Service by using 999.

Further information is available from the Improved Access Plan.


Last updated: 15/07/2013