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Hepatitis B Vaccinations in Welsh prisons: January-June 2011

Prison reported hepatitis B vaccination data for new prisoners between January-June 2011
The following graphs show the hepatitis B vaccination figures submitted on a monthly basis by each prison.  Each prison self-reports the number of new prisoners received into the establishment in a given month and how many of these are vaccinated with at least one dose of hepatitis B vaccine within the first 31 days of imprisonment.  The ‘total number of doses given in any month to the total prisoner population’ includes second, third and booster doses and those doses given to prisoners who have served more than 31 days.
Comparable data between prisons for every month is not available.  Please note that due to the different capacity of each prison the values of the ‘y’ (vertical) axis vary between graphs.
 No data reported from HMP Prescoed in May 2011
No data reported from HMP Swansea in December 2010
No data reported from HMP Usk in January 2011

Last updated: 30/03/2012