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Registering Welsh Health Links

We are encouraging all Welsh Links to consider registering with the THET database (go to 'Health Links', then 'Links Search').
We do not hold a separate database in Wales so we would like to ensure that all existing Welsh links are registered on the THET database to facilitate communication and networking between links both within Wales and throughout the UK.
The Welsh Assembly Government also host a page dedicated to case studies from Wales. Current examples include:
  • British International Rescue Dogs
  • Southern Ethiopia Gwent Health Link
  • Bees for Development
  • DEC Cymru
  • Dolen Cymru
  • PONT - Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust
  • Wales Fair Trade Forum

It’s also worth bearing in mind of the other advantage to registering on the databases – the potential for access to funds!

Last updated: 12/05/2008