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Self Assessment Audit Tool (SAAT)

Implementation of the NSF is the joint responsibility of local health and social care partners in conjunction with other key partners. A web-based Self Assessment Audit Tool (SAAT) has been developed to enable progress with each of the action points to be reported upon at the end of each financial year. The new SAAT will be used for reporting on the March 2007 action points onwards.

Completion of the self assessment should be co-ordinated by the local joint older people's planning group and signed off by the local Health, Social Care & Wellbeing partnership.

Completion of the SAAT is a target in the  Service & Financial Framework (SaFF) for NHS organisations for 2007/8.

A SAAT User Guide is now available providing step-by-step guidance through the system.


End May 2007 - all areas across Wales to have access to the SAAT

End June 2007 - progress reports on 2006/7 action points to have been submitted

Quarterly progress reports submitted by:

Quarter 1 - end July 2007

Quarter 2 - end October 2007

Quarter 3 - end January 2008

Quarter 4 - end April 2008

Last updated: 15/05/2007