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Top ten blood stream infections (bacteramia) surveillance

Surveillance of blood stream infections for each Health Board in Wales is being undertaken to provide some information about the burden of serious infection dealt with by each Health Board. 
Blood stream infections represent serious infections from both community and healthcare-associated origins. By presenting them in a 'top ten' list it gives some indication of what are the most common serious infections occurring in Wales at the present time.
The data is collected by extracting microbiology laboratory results directly using a database tool developed by Public Health Wales called DataStore. Once extracted any duplicate information and any organisms considered to be contaminants are also removed using standard methods.
The rate per 100,000 bed days is then produced by dividing the total number of a given blood stream infection by the average number of occupied bed days in that Health Board for a one year period and then multiplied by 100,000.
Top Ten bacteraeamia bloodstream infection reports are available to the public by individual Health Board from this website.

Last updated: 01/03/2011