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Pantoea agglomerans

This organism was formerly known as Enterobacter agglomerans (see Enterobacter species ) but was re-named in the 1980s.
It is very similar to the other Enterobacter species in that it is found in the gut of humans and animals, but also in plants.
It rarely causes human infections. It is less likely to cause infection than the Enterobacter species. When it does occur, infection is usually seen in patients who are already compromised by other diseases such as cancer or conditions requiring immunosuppressive treatment.
This organism can cause infections of the urinary tract and blood stream infections related to the presence of medical devices such as urinary catheters and intravenous lines. It has also been reported to cause joint infections in association with plant thorn injuries.
An industrial use for Pantoea agglomerans is in the fight against fire blight disease in tree fruit.

Last updated: 10/12/2010