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Treatment Planning


Treating a cancer patient using external beam radiotherapy is a highly complex process.  Every patients' radiotherapy treatment plan is designed and optimised to suit that individual's needs. The majority of all patients’ radiotherapy treatments are planned using advanced computer software. This is to ensure that the volume which needs to be treated receives the required dose, whilst adjacent tissues are spared as much as possible. New planning software enables our staff to visualise tumours in three dimensions so that they can tailor treatment beam arrangements to suit the requirements of each patient.



The treatment planning section of the Medical Physics Department produces, on average, over one thousand five hundred treatment plans per year and several thousand manual calculations and amendments are made as well.

Distribution of radiation dose       

for a multiple field head plan      


    Our treatment planners use the OMP

   3D planning computer to develop and

     optimize a patient's treatment plan. 

Last updated: 16/02/2007