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new standards for prescribing registration

New training standards for
nurses wanting to prescribe
from the Community Nurse
Prescribers’ Formulary say that
ten study days and a minimum
of ten days’ supervised practice
must be carried out before

The standards, published by
the Nursing and Midwifery
Council (NMC), also state that
hospital nurses wanting to train
as community practitioner nurse
prescribers should have at least
two years’ experience in practice.
Training must be completed
within one academic year and
programmes cannot be delivered
using distance learning. Courses
must include clinical pharmacology,
consultation, decision-making
and therapy, and influences
on prescribing such as concordance
and compliance, the document
The Community Nurse Prescribers’
Formulary was introduced
in 1997 for district nurses and
health visitors. The latest standards
were developed by the NMC
following government moves to
shift care out of hospitals and
into the community.
A copy of the NMC circular
Standards of educational preparation
for prescribing from the
Community Nurse Prescribers’
Formulary for nurses without a
specialist practitioner qualification
- V150 is available from
The NMC has also advised
nurse prescribers to resist
pressure to prescribe outside
their competence, after it
received calls from nurse
independent prescribers who feel
they are sometimes pressurised
to work outside their level of

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